Prime Medical Testing Inc  

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Prime Medical Testing Inc. is the solution for all of your risk management needs.  

Services We Provide: 

  • Life Insurance Physicals
  • Drug Testing for all Causes. (Pre-Employment, Random, Post Accident, Reasonable Cause)
  • Drug Screen Collections for all National Accounts. (Ex: E-Screen, Medtox, Quest, Alere Toxicology, Labcorp, Etc..)
  • Full DOT Compliance Solutions.
  • Private Drug Testing for Concerned Parents, Court Cases, and Individuals.
  • Student Drug Testing Programs.
  • Hair Drug Testing.
  • Urine Drug Testing.
  • Steroid Testing.
  • Breath Alcohol Testing.
  • DNA Paternity Testing.
  • Medical Laboratory Testing. (Cholesterol, HIV, PSA, Hormone, ETC..)
  • Background Screening for Employment Purposes.
  • Certified Master Trainer and Breath Alcohol Distributor for Lifeloc Technologies.